Monthly Bookkeeping

Our number one goal for each client is to provide up-to-date and accurate financials at the end of each month.  

Our Services

For our monthly bookkeeping clients, once the month is completed you will receive a financial report that always includes your balance sheet and profit and loss.  Depending on your business, other reports that can also be included are the A/R aging summary, A/P aging summary, Inventory Valuation, and perhaps a customized profit and loss statement by class or customer.  It really is all about what information is important to you.  Before any financial report is sent to you, you have the security in knowing that it has been reviewed and is accurate in accordance with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

We offer our clients all services that falls under the large bookkeeping umbrella.  Our services are customizable and a la carte so you can pick and choose where you need the assistance.  Our services include…

Banking and Credit Card Reconciliation

We record all your financial transactions with a tax-saving lens then reconcile all bank accounts and credit cards, including loans.  Even after everything is entered and reconciled, we will complete a detailed review of your financials to ensure everything is entered correctly.

Accounts Payable

This is our second most popular service we provide and includes us preparing checks and/or paying your bills electronically.  We can pay all the bills (often for strict organizations that have approval processes in place such as churches or nonprofits), or perhaps just some of the bills that are not simply purchased with a debit card.

Accounts Receivable

Sending invoices to your clients can be a personal connection you want to have with that client, and if that is the case it can be best to keep sending invoices in house.  However, there are others that send similar invoices to all their clients and in that situation outsourcing the task of sending invoicing can be a huge timesaver for your business.  We can send your invoices and also process any electronic payments for those invoices.

Sales Tax and  Use Tax Reporting

Whether you file monthly, quarterly, or yearly, we can help you stay on top of your sales and use tax remittances.  We track the sales tax amount collected, file your forms, and submit payment.  All ensuring that it is done correctly and timely.